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Exotica Moderne #2

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Issue 2 of Exotica Moderne expands the page count as we're featuring more of the art, music and madness that we all love.

This time we're graced with a cover - and feature - on Ventura's Tiki Tony Murphy, the intricate figurative work of Dean Hacker and the artistic endeavors of Sheryl Schroeder. On the music side of things, Jeff Chenault finally gives us his interview with Plas Johnson and you can also discover the exotica stylings of Vibra Cubana and more.

Jay Malone once again joins us with a feature on the tiki-laden comic book, "Hawaiian Dick," and Jason Craig provides us with his scene report on Portland's Tiki Kon.

All of this plus our regular features including:

Tiki with Ray
Cocktail Hour
Moving in Stereo
Private Oasis

With commentary, comics, pinups and more!

Exotica Moderne is a quarterly publication showcasing the new tiki and lowbrow art and artists, exotic cocktails, kustom kulture, music and more. Focusing on where these genres have been and where they are heading, Exotica Moderne features emerging artists as well as those spearheading these movements. Where all of these subcultures meet and intersect, Exotica Moderne covers next wave of tiki and lowbrow art.

Contributors: Jeff Chenault, Jason Craig, Nicholas Diak, Jasmine Granberg, Ken Holewczynski, Rob Kramer, Thomas Mackay, Jay Malone, Garret Richard, Danni Smith, Tiki Lindy, Kenn Watson, Jennifer Watson, Ray Wyland, Ken Ruzic

Frequency: Quarterly
Page count 44
Single Issue Sales - Subscriptions are currently not offered.

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