Image of Highball High Priestess Highball Glass

Highball High Priestess Highball Glass

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“There, in the smoky haze and the ancient aroma of burning incense, she sat regally, leaning forward against the sacred altar. In her hand was something glittery, something precious, something….liquid.

“Resplendent in the cascading light she lifted the object, filled with an offering to gods, raising it up and whispered, ‘corvus oculum corvi non eruit!’”

What better way to make an offering - or otherwise - toast your fellow Golden Fez brethren than with our Order’s first highball glass. Our 13oz vessel features three mid-mod high priestesses in 22k gold and red. Plus they have the official seal of the Smoking Baboon to insure their legitimate claim to the Order!

Each glass comes with an original recipe card, bonus trinkets and comes in a collector’s box.

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