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I See What You're Swaying Mai Tai Glass Blue/Brown

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Image of I See What You're Swaying Mai Tai Glass Blue/Brown

“She was always a bit clumsy around the opposite sex. A shy, but attractive woman, flirting didn’t come naturally to her. While she certainly had her fair share of potential suitors, she was painfully oblivious to their advances. So, she went about her usual routines at dinner parties and garden soirés.

Then one night, once again feeling awkward and a bit of a wallflower at a get-together, she saw him watching. A quick glance, a smile… another glance. Slowly he approached her and before she could even utter a word, he whispered, ‘I see what you're swaying…’”

This 15 ounce double rocks glass is wrapped in a three color design in white, blue and brown, featuring a trio of hula girls. I See What You're Swaying is delivered to you in a custom collector's box and includes one each of our orange and blue Sway It, Baby swizzle sticks!