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Nefertiki Bare Bones Version

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Image of Nefertiki Bare Bones Version

"Much to our delight, the doorway to a smaller, yet fruitful antechamber was discovered behind the remains of plunder and debris. Once we had broken the sacred seal, we were met with small cache of royal treasure!"

Designed by House of Tabu/Ken Holewczynski and produced by Eekum Bookum, Nefertiki Scorched Sands Bare Bones Edition is glazed in golden yellow with hot red and brown satin tones, the inside is glazed in a gloss yellow and her crown is adorned with a single jewel.

NOTE: This version of Nefertiki is the last of her kind and as she was only recently discovered, lacks the extra frills of the earlier versions and does not include the membership card of pin.