Image of Nefertiki Mug Scorched Sands Edition

Nefertiki Mug Scorched Sands Edition

$80.00 - Coming soon

“As I slowly entered the Temple of Karnak, brushing away ancient cobwebs and creating footprints where no man had been for centuries, a chill shot up my spine and the hairs on the back of my dusty neck raised up. What is fear, or anticipation?

There she stood, more beautiful - even in death - than I could have ever imagined. I was frozen in my step, waiting to quench my thirst in her mummified splendor…”

Designed by House of Tabu/Ken Holewczynski and produced by Eekum Bookum, Nefertiki is limited to only 200 mugs. Glazed in golden yellow with hot red and brown satin tones, the inside is glazed in a gloss yellow and her crown is adorned with a single jewel. Nefertiki comes in a custom mid-modern design burial crate.

Nefertiki is hand numbered and includes a membership card for The Order of The Golden Fez, and an official OOTGF label pin!

Ordering restricted to two per customer.

NOTE: House of Tabu will holding a small quantity of the Nefertiki mugs, as we are vending at upcoming events. Mugs remaining from those events will be sold to the general public at a later date.

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