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Order of the Golden Fez Low Fez


Image of Order of the Golden Fez Low Fez
  • Image of Order of the Golden Fez Low Fez
  • Image of Order of the Golden Fez Low Fez
  • Image of Order of the Golden Fez Low Fez

The Order of the Golden Fez - an ancient society of nefarious revelers and infamous hijinx. A collection of like-minded libation partakers and master cocktail concocters, so hidden in plain site that even their chapeau de plume doesn’t give away their identity.

Introducing the Order of the Golden Fez fez.

Featuring one of the mystic symbols of our organization, the infamous Snarling Baboon, a distant cousin of out great mascot, the Smoking Baboon.

Resplendent in a style reminiscent of the desert sands and woven in six colors, the Snarling Baboon icon is placed upon a black fez with a golden tassel, staring out into the abyss.

Wait, did we say black fez?

Yes. As masters of confusion and hilarity wearing a golden fez would be too obvious a statement. Our swirled black velvet OOTGF fez speaks to the initiated with the simple letters “G” and “F.” Only a wink and the the uttering of the secret phrase “corvus oculum corvi non eruit!” and a raised tipple give away our secret. Baffle the hoi polloi, and baffle we will.

Designed by House of Tabu and expertly produced by Fez-o-Rama, the Order of the Golden Fez fez will comes in a custom designed collector’s box and includes a full color certificate and a membership card, our "Honor Amongst Thieves" sticker, the Smoking Baboon pin-back button and the Order of the Golden Fez Do-It-Yourself Mystic Cipher.

Below is information on sizing guidelines from Fez-o-Rama.

Fez-o-Rama Sizing Guidelines

As I’m hoping to get the fezzes into production with Fez-o-Rama as soon as possible I am starting to take orders now to meet their production window. I will be accepting pre-orders up until November 30th. Once I have orders, I will then get a turn-around time from Fez-o-Rama.

As this is pre-order only, and production time will be up to Fez-o-Rama, I will post update as production progresses.