Image of Order of the Golden Fez Shock the Monkey Lowball Glass

Order of the Golden Fez Shock the Monkey Lowball Glass


"Was that a glint of gold, or just the dessert sand filtered through the dimly lit cafe? I had come seeking treasure and fame - well, mostly treasure - and after several exhausting months, I sought refuge in a little-known den down an unmarked alley. Upon entering, the entire place seemed to sparkle as the tinkling of icy drinks could be heard through the murmurs.

I ordered a much-needed refreshment and then I had found what I had been seeking - a golden vessel of enlightenment and riches! I was shocked it had been under my nose all this time. Yet even more shocking, was the eyes I felt upon me, as in the corner, there sat the mythical Smoking Baboon!"

Life's treasures (and fame) can be found in the simplest of pleasures, but while settle for simple? Our Order of the Golden Fez Shock the Monkey Lowball glass is an 11 ounce artifact of the Order's finest drinking vessel.

Featuring a 22k gold and and royal blue design, this is the official lowball glass of our beloved Smoking Baboon, prominently depicted in glorious detail.

The Shock the Monkey Lowball glass comes in a special collector's box and includes cocktail trinkets and an original recipe card by none other than the Order's own Tiki Lindy, using the fine elixirs from BG Reynolds!

Be sure to visit Tiki Lindy's and BG Reynolds' websites for even more recipes, tips and various tiki treasures!

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