Image of Order of The Golden Fez Sōbrius Degree

Order of The Golden Fez Sōbrius Degree

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This is the first step in your journey to unelightenment as you enter the Order of the Golden Fez. Every secret society has their calling card and we are offering you this exquisite full color card proclaiming your membership in the Order.

But, since we’re the premiere secret society that virtually no one has ever heard of (or dare they not speak of?) we also give First Degree members two exclusive Society pinbacks.

The first features that ne’r-do-well mascot of the Order, the Smoking Baboon, resplendent in deep red, and the second boasts a phrase so often uttered in Society circles, as the drinks begin to flow and curious minds begin to become, well, curious.

Take a leap of spirited faith and join the faithful.

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