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Tut, Tut, Drink Up Sealed Tomb Edition

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The Order of The Golden Fez

This secret society was once one of the most celebrated fraternities of ancient times. Heads of state and high muck-a-mucks once were counted amongst its ranks. At the height of its popularity it suddenly vanished like the sands across a desert. Or did it?

Like whispers in catacombs, The Order of The Golden Fez still resonates with those who count themselves amongst the brethren. In hushed tones in secret meetings, camaraderie is enjoyed and libations are hoisted to the chant of “corvus oculum corvi non eruit!”

Tut, Tut, Drink Up Sealed Tomb Edition

Designed by Ken Holewczynski/House of Tabu, sculpted by Patrick Vassar and produced by the talented John Mulder aka Eekum Bookum, Tut, Tut, Drink Up is your initiation into the The Order of the Golden Fez.

The Sealed Tomb Edition is FINAL RUN of this mug. The molds have been destroyed, securing this design's place in future antiquity! Glazed in matte bronze and black, with an aqua blue gloss inner glaze, Tut stares out into eternity with slate blue jeweled eyes and comes in a custom mid-modern designed burial crate.

Owners of the Tut, Tut mug also are initiated into The Order of the Golden Fez, complete with a matching numbered certificate corresponding to their mug. Buried with Tut are various trinkets and comes with an original cocktail recipe.

Add to your initiation with the Sōbrius Degree complete with membership card and two lapel pins. Click here!

STRICTLY limited one per customer.

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